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Liechtenstein is a recognized international financial center characterized by a well-developed legal system with strong creditor protection, a modern infrastructure, a central location in the heart of Europe, and a monetary union with Switzerland. As a financial center with a modern approach to transparency and compliance, Liechtenstein enjoys a high reputation, especially since it has signed double taxation and other agreements with most developed jurisdictions.

Access to the entire European Economic Area (EEA)

Access to the European Union (EU)

Access to the Swiss market

The products and services offered by the Liechtenstein financial industry meet the highest international standards. Financial service providers are subject to supervision by an independent financial market supervisory authority which is integrated into the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA).

The life insurance business in Liechtenstein is regulated by independent supervisory authorities in accordance with EU regulations. Life insurance undertakings must be licensed prior to commencing business. The Liechtenstein supervisory authority is the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA). The branch office in Ireland is also subject to supervision by the FMA pursuant to Article 10 of Directive 2002/83/EC as well as to supervision of instances of maladministration by the Central Bank of Ireland.