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Placement, costs and services

Administration and maintenance of contracts

Placement, costs and services


Youplus Assurance AG offers a wide range of life insurance products.

Youplus does not provide customer advice, but offers its products through authorised independent professional Brokers who advise and inform every customer comprehensively and competently about the products offered by Youplus Assurance AG before making a decision on the conclusion of a contract.

The administration and maintenance of contracts and the associated services are very cost-intensive in terms of personnel and organisational expenditure. These costs are covered by fees, remunerations, commissions, refunds and other cash benefits which Youplus Assurance AG charges on the contracts or receives from third parties for the services provided for the customer.

The fees and costs that are charged for Youplus policies are explicitly stated in the application documents that are made available to the customer prior to his decision for or against an investment.

Youplus Assurance AG pays commissions to licensed, independent, professional intermediaries. These commissions are also shown in the application documents. There are two types of commissions paid: a commission at the start of the contract (so-called up-front commissions) and current commissions (so-called portfolio care commissions), which are based on the average contract value. As Youplus Assurance AG does not offer any investment or asset management services itself, such services are provided by external asset managers upon the customer’s request. They receive a remuneration for the services they render, which is shown in the investment information documents.

Cash benefits

Youplus Assurance AG may pass on parts of the cash benefits, fees or costs paid by customers to third parties such as brokers or tipsters.

The exact amount of these cash benefits paid depends on various factors such as the investment volume or turnover of the respective product.

Non-monetary benefits

Youplus Assurance AG is entitled to accept non-monetary services from product providers and financial intermediaries as well as to provide non-monetary services for product suppliers, external asset managers, tipsters and other third parties.

These non-monetary services provided or received by Youplus Assurance AG include, for example, marketing material or product training.

In particular, Youplus Assurance AG may be provided with financial analyses by financial intermediaries in order to develop respectively improve sophisticated life insurance products on the basis of these analyses.

Since the benefits received or made available by Youplus Assurance AG can vary considerably, the above information only covers the essential provisions relating to such benefits.

Upon request, we will gladly provide more detailed information about the nature and/or amount of such fees, commissions or benefits, or, if the amount cannot be determined, the method of calculating such amounts.