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Excellent solutions

With our solutions all you hold dear
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Excellent solutions

Our executive board and management team are appreciative of long-standing traditions yet embrace innovation. Youplus recognises the need for reliable and flexible insurance-based solutions to solve the often complex wealth and estate planning needs of individuals and families. We place great value on exceptional client service, transparency and utmost discretion.

Youplus is committed to providing advanced, tailormade, insurance-based solutions to individuals and families throughout Europe and beyond, enabling them to establish and maintain a strong, yet flexible, fundament for their and their family’s financial future. Globally-mobile families appreciate the ability to utilize a well-functioning structure, which remains in effect when moving from country to country.


PPLI structure.

A PPLI policy is funded by a single premium, paid and held in a currency of choice. The single premium is invested in an underlying investment account in a suitable investment strategy taking individual risk appetites, goals and preferences into consideration.
The account can include almost every kind of bankable asset. The investment account is held at a reputable custodian bank in a segregated account, subject to anti-money-laundering regulations. A designated asset manager of choice manages the investments in the account. Income generated is re-invested during the duration of the policy. At anytime, the value of the policy equals the value of the underlying assets without a guaranteed performance by Youplus. As required, a death risk benefit is included in the policy.

The investments held within the policy’s underlying account are not subject to the investment restrictions of many countries and therefore, a broad universe of investment options are available.

Upon request, Youplus can delegate the asset management of the underlying account to a trusted, highly-qualified and experienced asset manager.

The duration of the policy is determined in advance, but remains flexible. Benefits are paid out as a pension, a lump-sum or passed on to the beneficiaries. Additional funds can be added to the policy at any time. Partial withdrawals and full surrender of the policy are also possible at any time.

PPLI is a straightforward structure, easy to establish according to an individual’s or family’s specific requirements.

Simplified solutions equal cost savings.

PPLI simplifies estate planning through designating beneficiaries on a revocable or irrevocable basis, allocating funds to each beneficiary as desired and planning inheritances without being subject to probate and forced heirship rules.

Generally, PPLI has lower overhead costs and usually lower insurance fees than most other insurance products.

Depending on individual circumstances and the legal framework of the country of residence it is also possible to designate several successive and deputy beneficiaries. The policyholder may determine the timing of the transfer of assets and the level of control to be maintained over the assets.

PPLI is considered a discreet way to transfer assets across family members and generations, especially as family constellations and circumstances change over time.

Protecting assets from creditors
When structured correctly in a timely manner, the PPLI policy is protected by strict insurance laws and cannot be included in bankruptcy or collection proceedings, providing an additional layer of protection for spouse and children… and a safe financial future.

Enjoying tax benefits
Depending on the country of residence, a PPLI policy may enjoy tax advantages such as tax-free dividend and interest accumulation, tax deferral and income tax-free transfer of assets to selected beneficiaries.

Pledging as collateral
A PPLI policy can be pledged as collateral, freeing capital and taking advantage of other investment opportunities which may arise.

Policyholders receive accurate and detailed reports on the valuation of the underlying account, the value of which depends on the performance of the investments held within the account.

Utmost discretion
In addition to a natural, ingrained respect for confidentiality and discretion at Youplus, insurance laws dictate a high degree of discretion for insurance contracts ("Liechtenstein insurance secrecy").