The whistleblower system enables the reporting of violations of legal regulations and compliance rules and helps to clarify grievances.

Employees and external parties are asked to report behaviour that they believe violates laws, regulations or internal guidelines such as our Code of Conduct.

Such reports give us the opportunity to quickly take the necessary countermeasures to prevent possible harmful effects.

The whistleblower system is intended for reporting compliance breaches such as economic offences (money laundering, fraud, corruption or competition and cartel allegations).

Reporting a compliance violation to YOUPLUS Assurance can be done (also anonymously) via the whistleblower platform managed by Deloitte. All reports are treated strictly confidentially.

Each report will be investigated and consistently followed up. However, a proper investigation of a report is only possible if the facts are adequately conveyed. Therefore, please provide us with as many details as possible about the incident.

Information submitted through the whistleblowing system will be treated in strict confidence and will be investigated fairly and factually in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Applicable data protection legislation will apply.

However, the whistleblower system is not intended for general concerns. For questions about your policy, complaints or claims, please use the designated channels.

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